About xSpectre

xSpectre is a startup company developing a handheld spectrometer, or as we regard it - a Swiss army knife for soil sensing. xSpectre was founded in 2020 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

With seed funding from Sweden's innovation agency VINNOVA and Agtech2030 - An innovative environment for the agriculture of the future, we have developed a solution for on-demand, rapid and cheap soil analyzis.

Our overall vision is combining modern soil sensing with a user community enabling local knowledge for solving global problems. Or in more detail:

Supporting farmer livelihood
Climate impact
Local knowledge for solving global problems

About our logo

The logo is composed of a graphical knot inspired by Celtic and Norse design traditions, and text. The loops in the graphics represent the four classical elements and their commonly associated colors. To indicate that we aim at analyzing solids, liquids, gases and perhaps even combustions.









The letters represent the visible spectrum.

Our vision

Combining modern soil sensing with a user community enabling local knowledge for solving global problems.

Supporting farmer livelihood

The escalating costs for fuels and fertilizers jeopardize the economy of farmers, herders and ranchers. Widespread loss in soil fertility and soil health threaten not only the economic sustenance of farming but also the ecological foundation of the soil itself. Soils contribute about 5 % of the human caused global warming by losses of soil organic carbon entering the atmosphere as the green house gas carbon dioxide. New approaches and solutions for both economic and ecological sustainability are urgently required. xSpectre's Swiss army knife for soil sensing is a toolset for supporting eco-sustainability in farming, herding and ranching.

Climate impact

The climate and soil health effects of regenerative farming are difficult and costly to monitor and verify. Yet it has the potential to reverse the flux of climate gases and turn soils from decaying and releasing green house gases to capturing carbon and improving soil health by increasing the soil organic carbon (SOC) content. The pocket sized soil laboratory developed by xSpectre is an advanced and cost-effective instrument for the monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of soil carbon content and fluxes.

Local knowledge for solving global problems

Farmer livelihood and regenerative farming improving soil health while capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide go hand in hand. xSpectre's mission is to support this win-win solution for farmers and climate through soil information acquired with a combination of modern sensing technology, local knowledge and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our aims:

  • Speeding up and facilitating monitoring and verifying soil conditions,
  • Decreasing the use of energy and fertilizers while maintaining yield,
  • Converting farming from a contributer to a sequester of climate gases,
  • Improved resource management by harvesting local knowledge, and doing it
  • Together with a user community of farmers and ag-tech specialists.