Swiss army knife for soil sensing

Local knowledge for solving global problems

Our overall vision is combining modern soil spectral sensing, field and laboratory probes into a cheap and efficient pocket-sized soil laboratory. With the aim to develop a global approach for identifying local solutions.

Our vision

Cheap and fast soil analysis

At xSpectre we believe that access to real-time soil conditions is key to precision agriculture saving on fuel and fertilizers while capturing soil carbon and improving soil health. For that you need a cheap and rapid sensing tool, a reference library of data, an app and a community of like-minded users.

The four pillars of our solution


Our handheld spectrometer is a science-grade light sensor for identifying the composition of soils and other materials. At xSpectre we have added external probes for direct field soil testing and Ion Selective Electrodes for laboratory analysis, hence the + in spectrometer+.

xSpectrolum+ v080


Rapid technological development has paved the way for xSpectre's spectrometer+. Minituarisation in microcontrollers and sensors. Translation between spectra and soil properties supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI). App development and publication using cloud resources.

Technological backbones

SaaS business model

We at xSpectre recognize three typical customers: basic, precision and professional. Basic users get a spectrometer to analyze soils; precision users get a spectrometer+ and can improve their own spectral models; professional users also get lab-equipment and can make maps from satellite images.

More about our business model

Who we are

xSpectre was started by a scientist with experience from soil spectroscopy and soil mapping in Africa, and a map+app developer with a background in running web-service businesses. We added a third team member with knowledge from international business across finance, sales, manufacturing etc.

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